TOPS Kennels has been serving Chicago’s North Suburbs and pet owners from around the country for decades.

Boarding for Dogs & Cats

At Tops we know that every dog does not like the same thing. This is why we offer a variety of arrangements, from individual indoor/outdoor kennel runs to our luxury boarding where each dog has an individual mini bedroom and its own TV. We have found that the best way to find out what suits your dogs needs is to come in a look at all of our options.


All of our groomers are professional and experienced. Your K9 will come home smelling and looking great. We offer everything from a bath/brush/and nail trim combo to a complete de-shedding treatment. Feel free to call and talk with our groomers to help figure out your dogs needs.

Obstacle Course 1, 2 & 3  

We have a one of a kind, 3 level, obstacle course This course was originally designed to prepare our K9’s for thing they may experience when working. We now offer this challenging course to all of our customers who have been through basic obedience. The course is a challenge to not only the dog but also for the handler. This course does a good job in building confidence and trust while putting your obedience skills to the test.

Police K9 Training  

Tops has been training Police K9’s for over 30 years. Our K9 Program can include: tracking, obedience, narcotics, dual purpose, article search, building search, and problem solving. One of the most important aspects of our K9 program is our K9 maintenance for police dogs

Handler/Property Protection 

This complete service offers customers highly trained, very compatible dogs to enhance personal security. This can be done in private lesson or in one of our years protection classes we offer.


Training can be done in many different ways: 8-week group classes, boarding and training, private lessons, and house calls.

To better figure out which type of training will suit your needs best give us a call and schedule a free training evaluation with one of our trainers. This will give them a chance to meet your dog and better understand your goals which will help them determine which method of training they believe will suit your desires.

We Accept:

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