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Trainer - Kasia

     Kasia’s love of animals stems from her early childhood.  It all started with a childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian.  She always knew she wanted to work with animals, specifically dogs.  As a little girl she watched her dad train their first German Shepherd, Lord, and years later helped train their second Shepherd, Bruno.  It was from her dad that she learned early on, a dog shouldn’t be anything but trained, and thus happy. She was a veterinary technician for over a decade, through all four years of studying at DePaul University and after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.  Though she had a love of helping animals and educating families on the health of their beloved pets, deep down she still always had huge interests in animal behavior and training.  Everyone she knew would tell you she had a gift to understand and train animals.

     It was in 2016 that her truest calling in life was discovered when she became part of the TOPS family.  She began her professional career of dog training by personally learning from Krista Rothacker (daughter to Alex and Paula, owners of TOPS). Krista recognized Kasia’s potential and “natural ability and desire to become an amazing dog trainer.”  She took Kasia under her wing to train with her and teach her all the finesse details that go into dog training.  The endless support and guidance provided has shaped Kasia into the trainer she is today.  

     Aside from training beloved family dogs, Kasia has trained many service dogs, and is truly passionate about being involved in TOPS’ Police K9 program and instilling solid obedience in prospective K9s. To this day she still believes, more than ever, that a well trained dog is a happy dog!

     In her spare time, Kasia enjoys time with her husband, working with and spoiling her German Shepherd, Odin, snuggling with her cat, horseback riding, traveling and enjoying the great outdoors whenever possible. 

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