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Class Schedule



We offer a variety of classes ranging from obedience, protection, and specialty classes.  

To Sign up for a class we require 50% down payment.

All class payments must be in the form of Cash Only.

Please stop in to sign up. Thank you!


Please note Classes may be full.  The website is just a reference of what classes there are. Look at dates below then please call to schedule a class to know for sure they are open or not.
Dates Are Subject to Change!
Puppy Classes "Under 4 months old"
4 Week Sessions - $80.00
Puppy classes are designed to help you successfully manage your puppy (8-16 weeks old) during the typical puppy stages. You will learn some helpful hints and tricks for chewing, housebreaking, walking on a leash, and many other typical puppy manners.  Puppies are allowed to socialize and the training in puppy class is treat based.  These Classes run for 4 weeks.  They meet once weekly for one hour.












Beginning Classes (4 months and over)
8 Week Sessions - $250.00
Beginner Classes are designed for dogs 4 months and older.  This class is the first step to developing your dog’s foundation of obedience.  Your dog will learn basic obedience commands including heel, sit, down, stand, come and flip heel.  The class works as a group and your dog will learn to ignore the distractions that come with working in a group setting.  Working through these distractions will help build consistency in your dog’s obedience as well as an understanding of what your expectations are for them.  These classes run for 8 weeks. They meet once weekly for one hour.
Intermediate Classes 
(Must graduate from beginners class)
8 Week Sessions - $250.00
Intermediate class is designed for beginner class graduates.  This class builds on your dog’s foundational obedience commands from beginner class and develops their off leash obedience.  You will teach your dog some new skills and commands in this class including hand signals, in-motion commands and commands on recall.  These classes run for 8 weeks. They meet once weekly for one hour.
Intermediate Level 2 Classes 
          Intermediate 2 class is designed for intermediate class graduates who have completed their on and off leash obedience. The curriculum in this class is designed to give you and your dog a leg up before attending the advanced class.  This class will advance your dog’s obedience by challenging their skill sets that they already have from the previous classes. The trainer will go over more unique commands that may be helpful both at home and in the advanced class. There will be lots of new commands and skills that you will teach your dog in this class including stand (progressed from beginner class), more difficult commands on recall, out of sight commands, and some challenging obstacle fun to name a few.  This class is diverse in its participants and there is always something new you can work through and learn not just from the trainer, but from your peers and their dogs! Intermediate 2 class is held every Thursday evening at 7:45 PM. This class is a drop-in class and is ongoing.  You are welcome to attend this class for as long as you wish!



Advanced Prep Class (Drop in class)
Sundays at 9:00 am  
Once your dog is well trained on and off leash and is consistent with being successful in the Intermediate 2 class, you are welcome to join advanced class with trainer approval.  This class provides you with the opportunity and ability to keep up your dog’s obedience for life.  Class is often taught off the premises at various locations.  The trainer will come up with fun and challenging tasks for you and your dog to complete during class both individually and as an entire group. Class is always different and exciting and you and your dog will both continue to learn and strengthen your relationship.  Advanced class is held every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM.  This is a drop-in class and you can come as you desire!
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