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Training Options


We offer a wide variety of training options to meet your and your dog's needs.  All of our training options use the same methods, so you are able to mix and match options as needed.  Please contact our office at 847-223-2822 with any questions.


Call the office to schedule a free training evaluation, by appointment only!




To Sign up for a class we require 50% down payment.

All class payments must be in the form of Cash Only.

Please stop in to sign up. Thank you!

Boarding & Training

Training while boarding has many benefits. The obedience foundation is taught to your dog by a professional. This not only allows the foundation to be taught correctly, but also accelerates the total time it takes to get your dog trained. Our boarding and training program can range from a few days to several months; however, we have found that for most dogs, 3 weeks is the time needed to achieve the training level that their owners are looking for. Once your dog is here, a trainer will be assigned that suits you and your dog’s needs best. The trainer will put a solid foundation of obedience on your dog along with working on any specific issues you have with your dog at home. Housebreaking can also be worked on during this time.


A very important part of this program is at the end of your dog’s stay. You and your family will come in and have a one-on-one private lesson with your dog’s trainer. You will then continue to come back and work with your trainer once your dog is home to make sure that you have a full understanding of how to utilize what your dog has learned. This private training is included in the weekly rate.

*Housebreaking can be worked on at no additional cost if you are doing the Boarding & Training program.


Day Training

Our Day Training program is similar to our Boarding and Training program, except the dogs do not stay at our facility over night.      


In our Day Training program, our trainers can work on all basic obedience on-leash and off-leash and any additional problem behaviors that your dog is exhibiting.





Pay as you go $110.00

(Includes 1 day boarding, 1 training session, & 1 trainer playtime)




Package of 5 for  $621.00

(Which includes 5 boarding days, 5 training sessions, 5 playtimes with a trainer, & 1 private lesson at the end of the week)


Hours of drop off & pick up are 

Monday-Friday 7 am - 7 pm

Private Lessons

Looking for something a little more hands-on? If so, private lessons could be exactly what you need! Private lessons will allow you to be part of every step of your dog’s training. This program is designed for you, your family, and your dog to come in and work one-on-one with your trainer. This will allow you to gain a good understanding of how to fully utilize your dog’s obedience, making it easier to transition into your normal daily routine. Private lessons will allow your trainer to set up certain situations or work with you and your dog at different locations when needed. Private lessons are normally scheduled on a weekly or biweekly basis, depending on your dog’s needs and your schedule. Lessons can be bought individually or in packages at a discounted rate.



Private Lessons:

$100.00 per hour


1/2 hour Private Lessons:

$55.00 per 1/2 hour

Private Lesson Packages:

(Must be bought all at once)

2-5 lessons = 10% Discount

6+ lessons = 15% Discount

1/2 Sessions

2-5 lessons = 10% Discount

6+ lessons = 15% Discount

Lessons with Alex

2-5 lessons = 10% Discount

6+ lessons = 15% Discount

Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are designed to help you successfully manage your puppy (8-16 weeks old) during the typical puppy stages. You will learn some helpful hints and tricks for chewing, housebreaking, walking on a leash, and many other typical puppy manners.  Puppies are allowed to socialize and the training in puppy class is treat based.  These Classes run for 4 weeks.  They meet once weekly for one hour.

Group Classes

Group classes are a fun and interactive way of doing obedience with your dog. Classes allow your dog to learn to work through the distraction of the other dogs and people in class. Our classes are designed for the whole family’s involvement in your dog’s training process! Obedience classes are held weekly and run for 8 weeks. You will be working with the same trainer throughout the entirety of your class. We offer many different levels of classes depending on your dog’s level of obedience. We also offer some fun specialty classes at different times throughout the year.


Click here to view our Schedule of Classes!


Puppy Classes: Puppy classes are designed to help you successfully manage your puppy (8-16 weeks old) during the typical puppy stages and to learn some helpful hints and tricks with chewing, housebreaking, walking on a leash, and many other typical puppy manners. These classes run for 4 weeks.


Beginner Classes: This class is designed for dogs 4 months and older. This is the first step to developing your dog’s obedience foundation. Your puppy will learn all the basic obedience commands including heel, sit, down, stay, come, and stand stay. The class will be working as a group and your dog will have to learn to ignore the distractions that come with working in a group situation. These classes run for 8 weeks.


Intermediate Classes: Once your dog has graduated from the beginner class, the intermediate class is the next step. Here you will work on developing your dogs off leash obedience and retrieving objects. These classes run for 8 weeks.


Intermediate Level 2 Class: Many people choose to do this class to give them a leg up before attending the advanced class. This class is designed for those who have completed their on and off leash obedience but would like to challenge their dogs with learning new tasks. The trainer will go over more unique commands that may be helpful in the advanced class. These classes run for 8 weeks.


Advanced class: Advanced class is a drop-in class that we host every Thursday night 7:45. Everyone is welcome to join once their dog is on and off leash trained. It provides you with the ability to keep up your dog’s obedience for life. Often times this class is taught off the premises at various locations. The trainers will come up with fun and challenging tasks for you and your dog to complete during class. It is a come as you desire class and everyone is welcome!




New Policy - Cash Only

Puppy class: $80.00

Obedience (Beginner to Intermediate 2): $250.00

Advanced class: $15 each time you come


*We also offer a couple of specialty classes throughout the year. These classes include obstacles, tricks, personal protection, CGC/TDI, and rally obedience. These classes are held upon demand.  Please call for rates/current schedule of specialty classes.


Please call us at 847-223-2822 for more information on obstacle classes.
Also enjoy these great videos from our one and only Mike Minik & Nugget


Prices Subject to change without notice.

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