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 Dog Boarding


Here at T.O.P.S. we want your dogs to enjoy their vacations as much as you enjoy yours!!


Most active dogs love to board in our main kennel. We have indoor/outdoor runs and crates available for your dog’s stay. Your dog will be kept in his own spacious run where he can see and play with the dogs staying in the kennels next to him. The runs are equipped with a guillotine door separating the inside of the 4’ x 4’ run from the outside of its very own 4’ x 12’ run, allowing him to go in and out as he desires! If you have more than one dog who will be vacationing with us there is often plenty of room for them to stay together in a normal sized run, but for those who want some extra room we can offer your dog(s) an x-large run, which is 8’ x 4’ on the inside and 8’ x 12’ on the outside! Some dogs prefer to be kept in a cage. This area is quieter than the run area and allows for your dog to be hand walked to an outdoor run several times throughout the day.

Boarding rates (per night):                                                                             

Regular run:  $46.00                                                                                     

Extra-large run: $52.00                                                                                 

Extra dog staying in same run: $22.00

Day Boarding only

Regular run: $33.00/day

Extra Large run: $35.00/day

Additional dog in same run: $12.00/day


Boarding rates (per night):                                                                             

Senior run: $52.00

Suite run: $62.00                                                                                 

Extra dog staying in same run: $25.00

Day Boarding only

Senior run: $35.00/day

Suite run: $45.00/day

Additional dog in same run: $15.00/day                                                                                                                           

 Specialty Boarding

When boarding younger puppies, older dogs, or a shy/timid dog, sometimes we recommend keeping them in our specialty suites or senior spots.  Our specialty boarding has a calm and relaxed vibe to it.  All the areas in our specialty boarding facility are air-conditioned and heated (depending on the time of the year) to keep your pet comfy. When staying at our specialty boarding area your dog(s) will be walked by hand into their own outside run multiple times a day to use the bathroom and get some fresh air. The specialty boarding is designed to pamper your pet on her vacation, allowing us to accommodate to your dog’s special needs. 




The suite environment is most similar to that of your home. Your dog will be kept in a small bedroom sized room that is equipped with a TV, chandelier, and plenty of fluffy bedding!



The senior boarding area is set up to be a quiet and comforting place for your dog to stay during her visit. The senior crates are huge cages (4’ x 4’) that are filled with tons of cushy bedding and water at all times. All the senior cages are kept together in a separate senior room. This keeps activity in the room down and the dogs relaxed.

Pampering Extras:

               When on vacation we all like to be pampered, and so does your pooch! For those pets who want a little extra something during their visit we offer playtime, frosty paws, and a bath upon departure.



                Playtime is designed to give your dog a little extra attention during his visit. Each playtime is a little different depending on each individual dog’s desires. Some dogs want to run around and play fetch while others would rather lay in the shade and relax with their play-timer! Playtime can be done as often as you would like your dog to have it and each play time session lasts about 20 minutes.


Playtime Price: $12.00 each

Trainer: $20.00 each


Frosty Paws:

                Vacation is a time for indulging in tasty treats you may not eat on a regular basis. This can be true for your dog as well! Frosty Paws are doggie ice cream that comes in a variety of dog friendly flavors. You can spoil your pooch with a Frosty Paw as often as you’d like during his stay.


Frosty Paw Price: $2.00 each



                Is your dog your running partner? If so, don’t let him get out of shape during his vacation! We have doggie treadmills to keep him in tip top shape and ready for you to return. If your dog needs to lose a pound or two we can also start him on a treadmill schedule to start his new exercise routine!


Treadmill Cost (each time run): $7.00 per time or $40.00 per month

Treadmill Cost while boarding:  $20.00 per 20 minute session ( 50 Cents per minute after the 20 minutes)


** Boarding Requirements **

               When bringing your dog in for boarding, all that you must have is up-to-date vaccination information! Other than that anything you decide to bring for your dog(s) is optional!


Required Vaccines: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Influenza H3N8 and H3N2

Recommended Vaccines:   

Use the link on this website to upload them to us: Document Upload Click Here



                You are always welcome to bring in your dog’s own food. If you choose not to bring in your own food you can feed your dog our food. We feed a quality chicken and rice based dry food.  We have various flavors of canned food available as well.


Bedding / Toys:

                You are always welcome to bring your own bedding and toys but don’t feel like you have to we have TONS!  We do suggest that if your dog has a favorite bed or toy, do not bring it.  We wash all bedding and toys daily and though we do our best to make sure that they all are returned to the correct dog, sometimes they do get mixed up and we cannot promise that what you bring in will be returned.  


               If your dog is on any vitamins or medicine, please bring them in with you.  There is no additional charge for dispensing medications. 

Cat Boarding

 Cat Rooms
The Cat Rooms are located in a separate area from the dog boarding accommodations, to provide a more peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for our feline clients.  All of the Cat Rooms are all floor-to-ceiling rooms with perches for the cats to jump to and from and relax on during their stay.  We offer varying sizes of Cat Rooms from "Small" for a more intimate stay to "Extra Large" (some with windows) for a more spacious and luxurious stay.
Cat Boarding Prices (per night):
Small Room: $18.00
Medium Room: $19.00
Large Room: $20.00
X-Large Room XL Window: $22.00
Extra Cat - (Same Room) $10.00
Cat Room.jpg

Prices Subject to change without notice.

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