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We offer a wide range of services and are happy to groom any breed of dog.  

Please call 847-223-9220 with any questions or to make a reservation.  

Drop-off is between 8:00 AM & 9:00 AM, pick- up times vary.  
































He grooms all breeds, but loves to groom poodles. Antonio also specializes in the de-shedding treatment.

uno de nuestro peluquero de perro, habla español.


Has been with us since the start 20+ years. Janet is our head groomer, she grooms all breeds.


Our Grooming Services

Bath, Brush, & Nails

No cutting or trimming involved.  Simply a nice bath & blow out, a good brushing, and a nail trim.

Labs - $40 & Up

Shepherds - $50 & Up

Prices vary based on your dog.

Full Grooming

This is anything from a trim to a full-shave.  Our groomers can do classic show cuts on your dog(s), a puppy cut (same length all over), or anything in between.  Please be sure to give specific instructions when making your appointment, so that we know exactly how you want your dog to be groomed.

** All grooming comes with a sanitary cut (trimming/shaving around the private areas of the dog), unless otherwise requested.

Cocker - $45 & Up                                            Schnauzer - $45 & Up

Poodle - $45 & Up                                                  Golden - $60 & Up

Shed Treatment

This is a two-part treatment.  The First treatment includes a special bath, blow-out, and brushing that helps to remove the excess hair in your dog's undercoat.  Then after 7-10 days, your dog should return for their Mini Shed treatment (included in the price paid at the first shed treatment), to remove any additional 
hair that was loosened during the initial shed treatment.

Shed-X Starts at $60

Additional Services

Additional services include, but are not limited to: a regular bath (no brushing or trimming at all), expressing anal glands, nails only, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning.


Please contact TOPS Grooming and Wellness Center at          847-223-9220 with any questions about additional services offered.​


Prices Subject to change without notice.

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