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  This boy is AMAZING! Odin had a rough start to life. After not being wanted, he found himself needing someone to rescue him. K9S4U dog rescue stepped up to save him and give him the best life possible. He was rescued with 2 other Shepherds and brought to Illinois from Missouri. Very early on it was noticed that Odin’s disposition would make him a great candidate for a police K9. He loves to work. He is not your couch potato pup who wants to watch the day pass by. He is alert and ready for anything all hours of the day. He was donated by K9s4u and paired with an amazing handler, Alex. Odin and Alex have been inseparable . Alex is not a stranger to dogs. He has several other dogs that are his beloved pets. Alex and Odin have been in Police K9 training with TOPS in Grayslake Illinois since January.

  Odin is doing amazing in their K9 program and projected to graduate in June of 2021. Odin has found his purpose in life. To help others. He is being trained in search and rescue, drug detection, and apprehension. He loves it. He loves going to work everyday. Unfortunately the cost of training is expensive. With a change in local administration, Odins training is needing to be covered in other ways. We are turning to you to help us, help Odin. We are deeply appreciative of any donation. $1, $5, $20, $100. Many of other items have already been donated. He will have a bullet proof vest, car heat detection, and other safety items. We will keep you updated with how Odins progress is going. Please help us achieve a happy ending to Odins story.


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In Memory of

K9 Loki

EOW - 12/27/2020


BOONE COUNTY, IL — Stateline police departments gathered to honor the loss of one of their own on Saturday. Boone County Sheriff’s Department’s K9 Loki was killed in December after an alleged drunk driver hit the squad car he was in.

“Somebody that I drove around with 12 hours a day, always around. I consider him family, definitely. It was pretty rough, the past couple weeks have been pretty rough,” said Loki’s Handler, Deputy Robert Rosenkranz.


A funeral was held outside of Boone County Public Safety Building to honor Loki on Saturday 1/16/2021. Deputy Rosenkranz says Loki was a friendly dog and very good at his job.

“Loki was a very goofy dog as you can see by some of the photos out here. Very friendly, I was able to get him out and we could walk up to kids and they would be able to pet him. He was just one of those dogs where he can be friendly and if he needed to be mean he could be mean but overall he was very friendly and very good at his job,” Deputy Rosenkranz said.

In Memory of


EOW - 6/30/2020


The Bloomingdale Police Department lost one of its own this week, a four-legged warrior named Kane. Kane, the department’s service dog, died in his sleep Tuesday at the age of 6 from unknown causes. His time as a member of the force left a remarkable impression on his handler, who said the German shepherd will be sorely missed. Officer Levi McGhee, Kane’s handler, saw Kane as more than just a service dog but also as a genuine pet and loving member of his family. “I feel like I’ve lost my shadow,” McGhee said Thursday. “He wasn’t just a pet, he was literally a part of me and a part of our family. His unexpected passing has been extremely tough on all of us.” Kane began his training when he was 1 year old, the typical age dogs become trained to become service dogs. When he was not playing around like a normal dog, he was chasing down violent offenders and sniffing out drugs and illegal narcotics, often protecting the lives of other officers in the process, McGhee said. One case that sticks out to McGhee that exemplified his service was tracking down a DUI and car theft suspect hiding under a car last December. Frank Giammarese, director of public safety, said he plans to add another service dog to the department, though there is no timetable for when that will happen. “It’s been a great program to train these dogs, but it’s still a tragic loss,” Giammarese said. “That dog had a bigger fan base than anyone in the community. I don’t know if you can replace Kane.” There will be a ceremony and procession in his honor at 9 a.m. June 7 at Scottish Rite Valley, 383 E. Lake St., Bloomingdale.

Rosemont PD - Bison
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Rosemont PD - Bison
Rosemont PD - Bison

Crystal Lake PD - Zeus
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Rosemont PD - Bison
Rosemont PD - Bison