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Frequently Asked Questions


Check out the answers to some of our F.A.Q.s below.  If you can't find the answer to your question(s), please give our office a call at 847-223-2822


What shots does my pet need to board at TOPS?



Your dog needs his/her rabies, distemper, and bordetella (a.k.a. kennel cough) vaccines before boarding at the kennel.  



Your cat needs his/her feline rabies and feline distemper shots.


What supplies do I need to bring with my pet when he/she stays at TOPS?


Only your pet and his/her proof of current vaccinations is needed when checking in to board at TOPS.


What supplies can I bring with my pet when he/she stays at TOPS?



You may bring:

~Food - We feed Kirkland Signature Lamb, Vegetable & Rice dry food for dogs and a basic dry food for cats.  There is no additional charge if your pet eats our food or you bring his/her own food.

~Medicine - There is no additional charge for giving medicine to any animals, including insulin.  We will put all pills into a canned food "meatball", unless you provide something different.

~Treats & Bones


~Blankets and Beds - We do have our own blankets that we will gladly put down with your dog if requested.  We always put cat beds in every room.


Please keep in mind that there is always a chance that something you bring could become lost or be ruined, so we suggest not bringing anything too expensive (i.e. a Tempurpedic dog bed) or your dog's/cat's favorite toy.



How is a trainer chosen for my dog during boarding & training?

If you request a specific trainer, that trainer will most likely be paired up with you dog.  If you do not request a specific trainer, we will evaluate your dog within 24 hours ofhis/her arrival and match them up with the trainer that we believe will best suit your dog's personality.


What if my dog does not pass the graduation test at the end of his/her group class?​


In order for your dog to move on to the next obedience or obstacle class level, he/she must pass the graduation test at the end of your class session.  If your dog does not pass the first time, you may come back in and do a re-test with your class instructor.  Re-tests must be scheduled through our receptionists (you may come in person or call to schedule the appointment), and are given at no additional cost.

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